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Island Frydays staff with Guy Fieri Diners - Drive Ins & Dives

Members of the Indianapolis Colts at Island Frydays





Island Frydays was founded by Jamaican native Leo Morgan.  As a graduate and former football captain at the University of Cincinnati, Morgan, like many before him remained in the Queen City and has called the UC campus and Cincinnati community home for over 10 years.


In 2009, Morgan took his vision of bringing the food he'd been cooking for friends and teammates to those in Cincinnati and worked to see the successful opening of Island Frydays, where every Friday he brought the Island vibes onto the sidewalk to grill.


Island Frydays is a Caribbean-themed restaurant and catering business dedicated to sharing the island's hospitality, music, and food.  The staff is committed to providing an atmosphere where every dining experience takes your mind off of the day's worries and carries you away to the warmth of the islands.

Since its opening, many famous people have visited Island Frydays. Rick Ross held a private dining experience when in town for a performance and several NFL teams have visited for a meal the day before playing in Cincinnati.


However, in the summer of 2014, Guy Fieri brought the Food Network show, Diners - Drive-Ins and Dives to Island Frydays for two of Leo's most popular dishes. Since taping, Leo and Guy have remained in contact and continue to build a long-lasting friendship.


Island Frydays has become a popular destination for those looking to enjoy a little taste of paradise while they visit Cincinnati.


"Life is short, enjoy every bite."

Guy Fieri with Leo Morgan Summer 2014

Rick Ross at Island Frydays

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Members of the Legacy Football Camp Tour (Michigan)

Guy Fieri
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